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What does it mean to be a DCPS Partner?

At DC Public Schools, we define a partner as an organization or group that is committed to work with DCPS to make sustainable impact on a shared goal around student success.
Across the district, we have community partners in our schools that provide their time, resources or financial support.
We believe that partnerships are an integral component to school and student success and we are fortunate to have partners who sponsor school initiatives, invite students to events and implement valuable programs.

What is a School Program Provider (SPP)?

A School Program Provider is defined as an organization that:

  • Providers its own programming directly to DCPS students

  • Works with students 3 or more times per school year

  • Requires collaboration directly with DCPS schools, AND

  • Is NOT a health or mental health provider*

*Any organization that provides health services or screenings (including physical health, mental health, or programming for expectant and parenting students) must complete a separate application process through the Student Wellness Division. Start by visiting the Health and Wellness page or Student Mental Health Support page to learn more. Please do not complete the School Program Provider Application.

Not sure where to start?

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