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For DCPS Schools and Central Services: What to Know When Starting a Partnership

Whether you have identified a new partner to bring on board or are searching for new program opportunities, there are a couple important items to remember to ensure compliance with DCPS policies and protect the safety and security of students and staff.  

Please review the information below. If you have any questions or need to confirm an organization's partnership status, please reach out to

What is required in order for a School Program Provider to partner with my school?


Organization is registered as a School Program Provider (SPP)

All DCPS School Program Providers are required to register with DCPS before working with DCPS schools. The registration process allows DCPS to learn about programs and ensure organizations are aware of policies and procedures School Program Providers must follow before working in our schools and any costs associated with using DCPS facilities.

How to Check:


Organization is aligned on school goals and expectations

Registered School Program Providers (SPPs) may approach schools to see if their programs align with the needs of their community or if space is available in their building for their program.


Whether simply hosting an organization in the building or collaborating on a program for students, working with SPPs requires an investment of time and resources from both the school and the SPP. Organization should provide programming to support school goals or fill gaps. 

See our School Partnership Toolkit for tips on how to align on goals and expectations to ensure a successful partnership.


Organization has an agreement with DCPS

If an organization is providing a program in collaboration with DCPS, the partnership must be solidified through an official agreement (memorandum of agreement, purchase order/contract). An agreement is not required if an organization is simply using DCPS facilities and/or not collaborating directly (recruiting students, sharing student data, etc.) with DCPS. 

How to Check:

  • If an organization is charging for their services, you should have the purchase order and/or contract

  • If they are providing free services, reach out to the Partnerships Team ( to confirm there is an agreement on file.

NOTE: Agreements of any kind cannot be signed by anyone at the school and must be signed by the Chancellor (for MOAs) or the Office of Contracts & Acquisitions (for POs/contracts). 


All organization staff and volunteers are cleared with the DCPS Clearance Office

All staff and volunteers must be cleared through the DCPS Clearance Office before working in a building where DCPS students are present for DCPS programming, including SPPs who are not working in collaboration with DCPS but are operating in a building while DCPS is serving its students. No other clearances will be accepted. 

How to Check:


If using DCPS facilities outside of regular school hours, organization must secure a Facilities Use Agreement with the Department of General Services (DGS)

DCPS buildings are managed by the Realty Office at the Department of General Services. Depending on the nature of the partnership with the school, fees for rent and related services such as custodial support and security may be applied. Facilities Use Agreements are required even where there are no DCPS students present for DCPS programming at the time the program is using the building.

How to Check:

  • Each organization working in your school outside of regular school hours must have a Facilities Use Agreement that was signed off on by your school principal. Be sure to keep these documents on file with your school. 


If providing free programming to DCPS, the organization must obtain a donations agreement

Any programming provided to DCPS free of charge may be considered an in-kind donation. To adhere with rules and regulations governing donations, organizations offering free programming to DCPS must register their donation information with DCPS

How to Check:

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