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Donation Agreement

Thank you for your interest in donating to DCPS! Before making a donation, please review the following information.  


Any goods or services that would normally come with a price or financial contribution given to DCPS free of charge is considered a donation. All donations must adhere to rules and regulations governing donations to DC government agencies as determined by the DC Mayor's Office.  

What is considered a donation?

  • Physical Goods: School supplies, books, technology, furniture, clothing, food, gift cards, etc.

  • Financial: In the form of a check or electronic transfer. Cash donations are prohibited. 

  • In-Kind Services: Professional development, student programming, subscriptions/software, travel/accommodation, facilities renovations, etc.

What is not considered a donation? 

  • Sponsorships 

  • Scholarships given directly to students

  • Grants

Other Opportunities to Donate:

The following opportunities do not require you to go through the DCPS donation process outlined below.

  1. DonorsChooseDonorsChoose is a pre-approved online platform where you can support DCPS classroom projects. Tip: Once you identify the project you wish to support, you can check the DCPS School Profiles website to ensure the school project you selected is a DCPS school.

  2. DC Public Education FundIf there is not a specific project or school to which you wish to donate, you can go through the DC Public Education Fund, DCPS' venture fund. 

  3. Mayor's Fund to Advance DCThis is an online fundraising platform where DC agencies/schools can raise additional money for a specific 
    project, a cause-related activity, a need, or a special mission.


For smaller donations under $500, complete the Donation Drop-Off Form and provide it to your DCPS point of contact.

Click below for guidance on specific types of donations:


Donation Review

The Partnerships and Donations team will review your donation to ensure it complies with all DC Government rules and regulations. 


Donation Agreement Signature

The Partnerships and Donations team will send you a one-page donation agreement to your review and electronic signature. Once your organization signs, this will be routed for signature through DCPS and the Mayor's Office. 

NOTE: For financial donations, there may be additional forms you have to complete prior to DCPS receiving your donation. 


Donation Acceptance

Once you have the signed donation agreement, you will then be able to make your donation to DCPS. 

  • Financial donations must be in the form of a check or electronic transfer. DCPS CANNOT accept cash donations

  • Checks must be made out to "DC Treasurer" and mailed to:​​

District of Columbia Public Schools

Office of the Chief Financial Officer 

1200 First Street NE

Attention: 11th Floor Accounting Department

Washington, DC  20002

Financial Donations

Computer donations must meet DCPS’s minimum specification requirements. DCPS-IT is not able to support any devices that do not meet these specs:

  • Max 3 years old

  • Min Processor: i3 or equivalent

  • Min Memory (RAM): 8 GB

  • Min Hard Drive: 128 GB

  • The list of approved devices is updated on a consistent basis. See here for current approved devices.

Computer Donations

Facilities Donations

Any donations that necessitate any form of construction/installation or access to utilities/power must be approved by DCPS's Facilities Team to ensure that the donation meets safety requirements and can be maintained overtime by DC government. 

All DCPS properties are owned by the Department of General Services (DGS) and any modifications to a school must be evaluated by the school, the DCPS Facilities team, and DGS for long-term sustainability, legal sufficiency and need. Please note that in some cases facilities projects may not be deemed feasible and may be declined.

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