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Registering as a School Program Provider (SPP)

The first step to becoming a DCPS Partner is registering as a School Program Provider (SPP).

What is a DCPS School Program Provider? 

A School Program Provider is defined as an organization that:

  • Provides its own programming directly to DCPS students

  • Works with students 3 or more times per school year, AND

  • Is NOT a Health or Mental Health Provider*

*Any organization that is interested in providing health services or mental health support services, must reach out to those departments separately. Please do not complete the School Program Provider Application. For organizations interested in offering Student Health Services (immunizations, health screenings, medical care, etc.), please complete an interest form here. For organizations interested in offering Student Mental Health Support (screenings, therapy services, etc.), please visit the Student Mental Health Support page to learn more 

What is the School Partnerships Database?

Each DCPS SPP has a profile in the School Partnerships Database. The database is used to:

  • Share information on your organization and programming with schools who may wish to partner with you. 

  • Ensure all SPPs are aware of DCPS requirements each year and receive important communication. 

  • Provide a snapshot of organizations operating in DCPS schools to capture the breadth and importance of partner engagement. 

You may access and update your partner profile at any point with your unique Partner ID. 


Go to the Partnerships Database and click "Start Application"

SPP-Start Application.jpg


Watch the School Program Provider Pre-Registration video to ensure you understand all requirements for SPPs before partnering with a school.



Complete the application with your organization's information, programming goals, potential school partners, etc. 



Review and agree to all DCPS policies and procedures in your profile. You must agree to all policies to be considered for approval.



Review your profile to confirm that your application is accurate. By signing and saving, you are confirming that you agree to all DCPS policies and your profile is up to date.



Once you submit your application, the DCPS Partnerships team will review it. If your application is approved, you will receive a registration confirmation email. Please save this for your records.

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